China's Valid Invention Patents Allowed to Take Effect in Cambodia

- 2018-03-09

 In September 2017, SIPO Commissioner Shen Changyu and Cambodian Minister of Industry and Handicrafts Cham Prasidh signed a memorandum of understanding on intellectual property cooperation, which confirmed that China's valid invention patents were allowed to get registered and take effect in Cambodia. After half a year of discussions and negotiations, China and Cambodia have come to an agreement on the specific process regarding the issue. 

According to news from SIPO on March 5, 2018, any Chinese invention patent having been granted and sustained by SIPO with its date of application later than January 22, 2003 is eligible to take effect in Cambodia. Before submitting an application for taking effect in Cambodia, applicants should submit materials such as an application form for registration, a copy of patent specification and patent register issued by SIPO, and an English and Khmer translation of patent document. With these materials examined and approved by the Cambodian Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts, the patent will be granted patent protection in Cambodia and enjoy the same treatment of application date and protection deadline as in China, i.e. a 20-year-long protection beginning from its date of application in China.  As pharmaceutical patents are not protected under Cambodian patent law, Chinese pharmaceutical patents may not be validated in Cambodia.